• Zhejiang Yifan Commodity Co., Ltd.


    ? Form of cooperation

    Yifan home to provide brand rights, product sales rights to franchisees, in the image and management of franchisees on the management and supervision of franchisees in full investment stores, independent business accounting, self financing.

    ? Capital requirements

    Franchisees should have sufficient funds for investment operations when they open exclusive stores. Franchised store management should set up special funds as investment quota, the investment quota standard includes decoration funds, personnel salary, sample funds, franchised store rent, etc..

    ?  Margin

    Open franchised stores, the company to the franchisee to receive a certain brand margin (within the contract period, no breach of contract, violation of the case, after the expiration of the contract, subject to refund of the original amount).

    Qualification requirements

    Understand and identify the management mode, enterprise culture and product system of Yifan home, and accept the supervision and management of the company;

    With high-end brand awareness, ability to improve brand awareness and reputation;

    Have lasting entrepreneurial passion and clear business ideas and development plans;

    Have matched capital strength, and certain ability to resist risks;

    With legal business qualifications, able to form and manage excellent management team;

    Have some knowledge and experience in sales field, and have better social resources and industry resources.


    Relevant personnel to post, must accept the company pre job training guidance, after passing the examination can mount guard.

    Details of other engagements